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Jerry’s Platform



Return current hybrid school board back to an elected school board

Promote school security

Increase teacher pay dramatically to compete with and be in line with other school systems in the country

Recruit and retain qualified teachers

Public Safety

Increase police recruitment, hiring, and training

Support our police and fire departments with increased funding for enhanced and advanced technology to increase effectiveness

Economic Development

Promote economic self-empowerment

Promote and increase local and minority contracting opportunities

Support tax incentives to promote the success of local and small business

Health care

Advocate for affordable health insurance

Advocate for affordable prescription drug programs

Senior Citizens

Establish health care centers for seniors

Advocate and promote affordable senior citizens housing

Smart Growth

Advocate for and support managed growth in the developed and developing tiers

Promote and support the Arts Community



Make A Change To Make A Difference



 County Executive







By authority: Friends of Jerry Mathis, Brenda L. Boden-Smith, Treasurer
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