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Jerry's Philosophy


Jerry has been a community and political activist fighting and advocating for the self determination and empowerment for the citizens of Prince George's County  for the last twenty years.

  Jerry, after much deliberation has decided that the only way for Prince George's County to rise above its current status is through the creation of a viable two party system.

A two party system will create competition amongst those entities that seek to win the votes from Prince Georges county citizens. The Democratic party has become to complacent and has taken the vote of Prince Georges County citizens for granted.

  As a result of this epiphany I have chosen to run for Prince Georges County Executive as a member of the Republican party.  I neither ascribe to nor agree with the policies of our current president and many members of the current Republican party.

  My campaign is not about the politics of the party, but about the needs of the peopleThe democratic party has absolute power in Prince George's County.  History has taught a very important lesson, that power tends to corrupt those who posses it and absolute power possessed by power hungry politicians, absolutely corrupts.

Currently Prince Georges County politics is solidly controlled by the Democratic Party and it's political bosses. The will and desires of the people is neglected for their own selfish gratification and rewards. 

The playing field of Prince Georges County, politics needs to tilt in the direction of the people and not in the direction of selfish, power hungry elected officials.


Make A Change To Make A Difference



County Executive


By authority: Friends of Jerry Mathis, Brenda L. Boden-Smith, Treasurer
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